I am Janet Barrett. The Beyond includes the worlds, universes and realities that I inhabit in any one moment and that we all inhabit. It includes the states of potential and possibilities, where there are no accidents – just experiences and new ways to explore being. It is where, by noticing patterns in energy, a person becomes a traveler in the quantum realms of scientists and mystics. It is where the spontaneous and instantaneous have meaning. It is about being present and being able to connect to what we are feeling and thinking. It is a reality where time is fluid, story is form, and magic and miracles happen daily. It is the state of being filled with choice, delight, appreciation and love.

If you are looking for ways to be different in your body, mind and spirit, it is possible. You can choose new relationships with realities that you currently find overwhelming, isolating, limiting or painful. They only seem unchangeable. Seem is the important word here.

Welcome to The Beyond. I look forward to hearing from you.

Change happens!

Our appointment time together is about the lightness of being. It is about finding your sense of wonder again. I don´t consider myself a healer as that is limiting what is possible. I facilitate. I don’t do anything to you. Your inner wisdom and wonder do the shifting. By being present to the information as it arises in the moment, your states of possibilities will manifest and be felt.

On the quantum level where we are playing, your energy patterns – experienced as thoughts and feelings, emotional and physical – will ease, lighten and expand. You shift and will continue to shift long after the appointment is over. What seemed so important will be different if you allow it to be so.

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