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What could be better than helping others who are tired of the same old thing and open to being different? I am very fortunate in my clients and fellow students in groups. I'm deeply grateful to them. They brighten my world. Their stories and experiences cover the spectrum of the human condition. They send me thank you cards with their checks, often book more than one appointment, and refer me to family members and friends. In our sharing I have learned much about myself and this dance we call life. Love to all of you.


Individual Sessions

Well, things have been really intense since our session last Thursday, but … I've gotten a lot more insight into my stuff. Stuff that I discovered many years ago and kind of "forgot" – "new" stuff that's been right in my face all along particularly since January but I've managed to "not see."

All helpful. Best thing that I can directly relate to your session was that the shingles leftover is considerably better. And that's the first time in 5 years that it ever let up at all. Very cool. Thanks!
– D.M., Texas

This information is so helpful. I resonate with it. I notice that sometimes, even if I have been working with something for quite awhile and someone comes along and gives that same something a different name or description, it can make a true difference for me. Just the verbiage you used to describe it gives me a sense of a fresh start in addressing it and reduces my attachment to it. Thank you! You certainly hit all the right points. I struggle a bit with trusting inner messages, at times, but I will follow your lead. Thank you, Janet. So grateful to you.
– J.M. Ballwin, MO

I feel behind schedule on this testimonial but I have been quite busy with the results of your work on my hip since we did the session. Not only was my body adjusting to what you offered for me but my beliefs and habits also were called into play on this. I had had the situation, to varying degrees, for over 20 years so I habitually babied that leg in walking, rising from a seated position and many other ways.

So, it's been over a month now and I feel that I definitely do not have the same hip issues. It feels normal w/ an occasional groin area reminder. Nothing like it had been. A very slight reminder and not very often. I am so very grateful for the work you have done on me.
– K.M. Tacoma WA

Janet is a phenomenal state changer and even more so, she is a true friend. I am a stroke survivor and was doing ok, but not really. I had also lost my memory for quite awhile, but it was coming back. Janet's name fell out of a box and I recognized it. I called.

She started working on me right away before I even said anything. And kept going. My kidneys have gone from 31% to 33% in 1.5 years. Working with Janet, they went from that 33% to 42% in 5 months! Awesome. Getting test results next week and it will show the difference after 3.5 months. That number is going to be higher because I can feel the difference. I've gone off another high blood pressure medication (with my doctor), and know how to go off the next one. Every time I can drop a medication my head clears.
– Skye

My life has progressed significantly after working with Janet. Life has become more meaningful and my friendships have flourished. A higher self esteem, a more trusting perspective with the world has enriched my life on all levels and the passion for success is stronger than ever. I am so happy and grateful that this type of healing is available to all of us. It truly feels magical and it is incredibly effective.
– NR, Los Angeles, California

Wow! I am so fortunate to have found you...thereby finding me! Thank you for so much information I am now integrating. Working with you is light-speed and multidimensional. I just love it-fun, fun, fun! This work has been so powerful, life changing and feels like permanent closure and total letting go–without reservation.
– SM, Chehalis, Washington

I felt joy and excitement as I drove away. The shifts were all percolating. I also felt respected. First I mused on how I felt you respected me, wherever I was in my journey. Then I realized I respected me too! Thank you for allowing the time, topics, and shifts to expand into the symphony they became.
– JS, Portland Oregon

As I was driving home this evening I thought of you and just allowed whatever to come up-to come up. It dawned on me that I have never stated nor expressed my gratitude to you for what you do and your generosity. Because of you I went forward into Matrix Energetics for I was so uncertain when I first encountered the process. Thank you Janet for all that you do in assisting me in changing my life.
– S, Prescott Beach, Oregon

Janet is a glorious reflection of the Soul. She is a conduit for others to be the same.
– KS, Portland, Oregon

I just wanted you to know that I am feeling a level of honor and reverence that I have never felt before! I sit in awe of how I am feeling right now. I now have a connection that I have been longing to feel for quite some time. Knowing that it has been there and "trying" my best to feel but never really connecting. What a beautiful feeling it is…and my health has improved so much. I feel like it is just the beginning for me with this new connection, and I want to explore and go deeper as I cultivate this connection.
– DM, St. Louis, Missouri

I wanted to tell you that you are the first person I had an experience with a shift in years! There have only been a few with since moving here to Washington, and they were enlightened masters.Thank you so much for the demo.
– C, Kent, Washington

Play Groups

Oh my goodness, thank you for helping me on Tuesday. No eviction for me, judge dismissed it. My landlord canceled ALL my back debt. I will pay him for December and he has given me till January 15, 2017 to move. Plus an amazing friend came out of the wood work and let me know, he is willing to help with whatever it takes to get me into a nice new place. Janet, I am grateful beyond measure for the work you do. Many thanks!
– Amy

Thank you for all you do and for another breakthrough in consciousness' and healing. The inner Peace that's resulted from the shifts and insights from our last evening gathering, especially the last few minutes on your front porch, is profound and I can't thank you enough. Blessings!
– Susan

Thank you your warm welcome and other members of the group were very welcoming as well. It was very soft and warm there easy to get where I needed to be to participate.
– Nina

I have been working with Janet in the Matrix Energetics study groups and play groups as well as a small play group for men. During this period I have gone through enormous emotional and spiritual development that would have been impossible without her help, guidance, and inspiration. I’ve been impressed in the extreme by Janet’s leadership, her sense of humor, her intuition, her understanding of human nature, her inventiveness, her ability to keep on going through great hardships, and the way she always speaks her truth. To know her is her love her. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking transformation in their lives on any level.
– DL, energy healer and writer, Portland, Oregon

Hi, Janet! Just a note to send my deepest gratitude for the beautiful soul/teacher that you are. I was amazed at how instantly you went into rapport with each participant at ME in San Diego and were able to then clearly help them have their experience. The healing circle was also very powerful. The fear I had regarding cancer has left!! I´m looking forward to seeing you again at more seminars!
– MB, Indianapolis, Indiana

What if I could be that relaxed all the time? Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been that relaxed before. I wasn’t joking about the drugs. So thank you for providing a safe space for that to happen. It’s funny because years ago I used to fantasize about going to a house where I could just totally unwind. How weird for it to manifest. I realize my exhaustion after the seminar was my need to relax being met with chronic resistance, and that I have created a life where being truly relaxed is not allowed. Talk about blind spots, LOL!
– EF, Wilsonville, Oregon

Thank you so much for the work/play with my skin issue on Friday night. That was a major turning point for me. I could feel something huge shift during that – physically (I could move my arms and hands around without so much pain afterwards) and emotionally (the bounce returned to my walk). In fact, when I got home that night, my housemates were amazed at the shift in my energy. Their words were, "Jan is back!"" By yesterday, I could start seeing major physical improvements in my arms and hands. By today, the scales are dropping off and Jan’s new skin is reappearing! Something that was not 'me' was released. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
– JR, Portland, Oregon

On the Air

It's so good to hear you on Conscious Conversations, starting the conversation about what you do! It's a lot to wrap your head around at first. But once you enter this realm, it will change your life. This show does that. It brings you into the magic. Thanks for getting the word out so everyone can make positive transformation part of their life.
– Mary

Let's Talk

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